2007 - Poolexpeditie Groenlandse Ijskap

Expeditie Groenland

De expeditie die ertoe leidde dat ik volgens SBS6 een van de grootste avonturiers allertijden was (11e in top 25 avonturiers allertijden).

Alpine Journal, Greenland Notes ‘…There were 61 expeditions in the field in Greenland in 2007 and of those 32 were planning to make a traverse of the Inland Ice, either transverse or longitudinal. Possible harbingers of climate change were responsible for significant problems with weather and snow during 2007. A number of expeditions expecting to fly in to their objectives could not be put down where they wished or, in some cases, where others had landed in previous years. For those parties setting off on the Inland Ice the weather was not significantly different or better than last year and most parties who did not want high winds experienced them, some to extremes! The expedition: Intending to follow Nansen’s route of the first crossing of Greenland they were landed on the edge of the Inland Ice by helicopter and were also struck by a piteraq and were confined to their tent for 4 days having to dig the tent out every few hours. The period of white out which followed the storm delayed the group’s progress sufficiently for them to decide to return to their starting point, which they reached safely on 11 May, having covered some 340km…’

  • Expeditie

    Groenlandse IJskap zoals Fridtjof Nansen

  • Datum

    April/ mei 2007

  • Waar

    Groenlandse IJskap, Anmassliq - Kangerlussuaq

  • Aantal expeditieleden


  • Afstand

    340 kilometer

  • Aantal dagen


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