Anne-Marie Reichman.

When Anne Marie Reichman was introduced to the big waves, she got infected with the virus to compete in the windsurfing discipline WAVE. Her debut in the PWA (professional windsurfing association) World Cup is in ’98. Besides competing, Anne-Marie makes a pact with herself to travel to a new country or place each year to discover the world, new cultures, different languages and off course new waves. She writes her travel experiences for magazines and shares them on the net.

In 2002, a few years into ‘the tour’, she makes it into the top 3 of the PWA world-ranking list. Not only is Anne-Marie a professional windsurfer, she is also a passionate surfer and stand up paddler making the most of every condition the ocean provides. Artpainting, yoga and shaping boards are her other passions. These creative activities offer balance in her active life full of travels.

Instead of enjoying this lifestyle her self, she makes it her goal to share it with other people around the world during clinics, interviews, promotion activities and event organization. By doing what she loves to do most, she wants to motivate and inspire everyone to follow their dreams and passions in life. Her motto being: “Dream of life, live your dream”. This is a continuous choice she makes. Anne-Marie spends most of her year in California, Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands and Holland. These locations amongst extra travels and trips are the perfect environment for an active, creative, professional and passionate water sports athlete she is.

Anne-Marie is founder and organizer of the SUP11-City Tour>>

If you want to know more about Anne-Marie or the SUP11-City Tour, drop her a line>>

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Anne Marie Reichman

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21 februari 2014

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