Jan Fokke Oosterhof | @Bestaansverwondering; Mindfullness voor gevorderden
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@Bestaansverwondering; Mindfullness voor gevorderden

@Bestaansverwondering; Mindfullness voor gevorderden

Het boek The Wisdom of Insecurity van Alan Watts. Pijn, angst, stress zijn allemaal het gevolg van de neiging tot discrepantie van het Nu. The book, explores the idea of reversed effort: “Whoever would save his soul shall lose it.”

Watts discusses this in terms of security and suggests that insecurity is a result of trying to be secure; that safety and peace of mind can only be found in the recognition that we have no way of saving ourselves. He calls his book the philosophical equivalent of “Alice through the Looking Glass” and emphasizes how with pleasure, pain will always follow. For instance: the more we love a person, the more we grieve at their death. By looking at reversed effort, Watts reveals that the only solution to this problem is to become more aware and accept that insecurities are inescapable and inseparable from life.  


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