Jan Fokke Oosterhof | @Running; Loodzware cross “Las Dehesas de Cercedilla”
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@Running; Loodzware cross “Las Dehesas de Cercedilla”

@Running; Loodzware cross “Las Dehesas de Cercedilla”

Two brave trail runners from the low and flat Netherlands took on the challenge of running what promised to be the toughest race they had ever done… This, in retrospective, proved to be true! Although the distance of 22 kms was nothing new to them, the altitude gain (+1.300 m) and technical terrain was.

This video shows them enjoying the scenery of “Las Dehesas de Cercedilla”, a part of the protected nature reserve “Sierra de Guadarrama” (Madrid), as they acclimatise and get to know the key part of the course.

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We hope you enjoy the videos… For more information abour our Race Trips, check out:

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